Good point Corinna. That's a hard topic actually because tagging the right analytics can take as much time than building some part of it... Also since you mentioned the North star it's good to see what is happening for real. I work in a startup that I think is blinded by it's north star, and some said this as well --> https://brianbalfour.com/essays/north-star-metric-growth

Anyway, curious to read your progress on building a comprehensive topic. This is needed beyond product, but also UX peeps

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Jul 7, 2020Liked by Corinna

Great post, completely agree with the lack of content out there on product analytics - majority of it is "How to break into Product Management" then it seems like once you've made that leap, that's where the content ends.

Curious to hear your thoughts or tips on how you would go about selling Product Analytics into a business that doesn't yet have these systems set up, or better still, doesn't understand the benefits?

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Jun 29, 2020Liked by Corinna

This post is perfectly timed for me! We recently launched a new product, and we have all the tools in place, Google Analytics, Hotjar, Metabase, other things. We have all this data that we look at, and maybe talk about a bit. I was literally just discussing with the team that we need to be more focused and intentional when looking at our data - we need to analyse and analyse for a reason!

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Jun 23, 2020Liked by Corinna

Great Post! Product Analytics is definitely a key to develop better product features. I am not sure if PM has capacity to do analytics role themselves. Otherwise, they can rely on Data Analytics team to generate insights. This is what I have experienced at Insurance industry in Australia.

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