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This was an incredible read. I've used my calendar to organize my tasks for years now and since a year or so I started adding focused time in my calendar and it has helped me move forward complex projects which otherwise would've been impossible to complete. I recommend the technique. One other thing that has helped me is to identify a day which usually is low in meetings, for me is Wednesdays, and block it as a meetings-free-day. Occasionally I'd have a short meeting before noon, but no more.

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Great read, very similar to techniques shared in "Make Time" book although your suggestions are much more granular and tangible. Thanks for sharing your productivity hacks 😀 I would be curious to know if you have any analytics on how it went in practice (say 3/5 times in a week where focus time got disrupted/rescheduled). Also request you to share some insights on having "solid to-do lists" and being on top of it.

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Have you faced any challenges with scheduling meetings between 1-4pm only? My work is client facing so this makes it tricky.

Also 100% agree that "The feeling of helplessness and perceived lack of control greatly raise our stress levels", but I wonder if increasing perceived control is just a band-aid fix. Inevitably we can never have 100% control. In addition to reducing uncertainty where we can, I'm curious how we can reduce our stress response to it all together.

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